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    My boss has the 700wx (I believe... its a sprint treo with windows so I am assuming its the 700wx) He told me last night that his texting does not work. He cannot send text messages to certain people. Some of his contacts have parenthesis around the area code and some do not. The ones that have the parenthesis, he cannot send texts to and the ones without he can. I have a 650 and I know with the 650 you have to have the number in the phone as a mobile number. I asked him if the people were in the phone as mobile numbers and he said yes. He said if he tries to erase the parenthesis, it automatically puts them back. He also said that the contacts without parenthesis were people who texted him first...

    Any ideas on how to fix this? I have never really used the 700, just the 650 and his is not palm OS so I was kinda lost looking at it last night.
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    The parenthesis should not affect the ability to send SMS, all my contacts have them and they get SMS fine. If it's a Sprint check the linkposted above. Keep in mind there's also a 700wx for Verizon, if his is VZW then he may need to contact them.
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    He has sprint, not verizon. I looked at it tonight and tried to download the patch for it but it said a newer version was already installed and the patch would not install.....

    Any help would be great guys.
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    correct. the patch will noot install on the 1.14 software version. I would contact sprint. somethings wrong with his phone or his account forsure.

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