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    i just moved from the 650 to the 750 because the 650 decided to die on me.

    1. Some problems i'm having right now is that i can't connect to the internet. i get a page not found error 0x80088000

    i have the 19.95 medianet unlimited plan that worked fine ont he treo 650. the cingular reps told me that i'd have to upgrade to their pda max for 39.95. is that bs?

    2. when in a call, after i end it, the screen doesnt show the today screen but the alarms page.

    3. how to edit the soft buttons that point to email and menu. i want to change the email button so that it shows something else.

    I am sure i'll have more questions, but i do like the phone, just need to get used to it.

    any ideas?
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    Not sure about #1. #2--your cheek must have touched and pressed something on the screen during call. You can set up your Treo to disable the touchscreen while in call. #3--there are hacks around that, I believe, but those keys are coded by default.

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