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    First Treo 700wx from Verizon and loving it. 2 questions:

    How do you guys manage your email? I have been using the built in mailer and seems to be doing OK. I have 2 gmail accounts and one sbc Yahoo account, no exchange servers. I tried Flexmail 2007 and seems to have more options but more button pushes for the same functions.

    I have a small side job managing several small businesses network and I want to start keeping track of their network info, (IPs passwords ect.) on my PDA. I was going to just Pocked word cause it can sync with my desktop and I can also edit the file on my desktop. It's free and easy. I have used HandBase for a few years but don't think I want to try and build a database. Other program I'm looking at is Phatnotes. Any input would be great.

    Thanks Greg
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    For Passwords, IPs etc you may want to consider SplashID.
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    consider eWallet.
    It can sync between as many computers as you want.
    You can customize the organization & icons
    It can sync to websources as well.
    It encrypts everything easilly.

    Also excellent support from the company.

    might want to also consider remotePROTECT as well, which gives you the ability to remote wipe (including the sd card), lock and unlock the phone in the event you misplace it.
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