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    Will this device works using T-mobile USA 3G UTMS 2100mhz? I have T-mobile.I have a Palm Treo 600 Unlocked,T-mobile is going to roll out the 3G UTMS 2100 mhz in the US.Im thinking about getting a Unlocked Palm Treo 750.Can I use it with T-mobile 3G UTMS 2100mhz service when there service starts next year 2008.
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    I'm pretty sure it won't. BTW, the radio spectrum that T-Mobile won in the auction was in the 1750 and 2150 bands, not 2100.

    Here's the link in Wiki:

    Here's the official spec from Palm: Here's the radio stuff:

    GSM bands: 850/900/1800/1900
    UMTS bands: 850/1900/2100
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