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    Hey all,

    I use to have a Treo 650 and had Splash money and loved it because I could update my account online from the program. Now that i switched to the 700WX a few months ago I have yet to find a Money program that does this....Any ideas!!
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    Doesn't Microsoft have a WM version of Microsoft Money that is a free download?
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    Not for WM 5
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    I am in a similar position. I used to live by splashmoney (for the first time in my life I acutally balanced my checking account!)...I recently switched to the 700wx and I can honestly say that was my number 1 concern with the switch.

    I have been using pocket quicken in combonation with quicken on my desktop. I don't think i like it as much as splashmoney (quicken is almost too much of a program). I find quicken to be too robust and not as user-friendly, but I guess it does the trick. I don't really mind pocket quicken, but you cannot use icons which I really liked in splashmoney. It is also fairly dependant on qucken (desktop) if you use them together (i.e. you can't really edit transactions on the treo after you have sync'ed them with the desktop). My trial period is set to end soon and I'll probbly end up buying it because I have tried other programs and this is closest to what I want (which is splashmoney for WM).

    BTW, I (think) Microsoft Money can be used on WM5. I tried it last week but didn't really like it too much.
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    It's amazing that after all this time a robust "Money" type application is unavailable for WM5/6. I agree with matthew23, I didn't like the PocketPC version of Money either.
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    I think splashmoney was perfect. I really wish they'd consider porting it to WM. I know it works with styletap but I tried it and it was kind of a pain, and I don't know if it would sync with the desktop (I assume that it would not?)...I know if you go to splashdata's website you can request that they make Splashmoney of WM...but I am sure people have been asking for a long time now...
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    SPB Pocket Finance. Haven't used it myself, but it's what Microsoft recommended as a replacement.

    Pocket Money works on Windows Mobile 5 but it will not sync with Money 2007. You have to use Money 2006 or below for it to sync.
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    I use SPB Pocket Finance. Syncs perfectly with my Money 2004 software.
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