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    Here's what I need to know if I can do somehow: I have the sprint vision plan so I can tether my treo to a laptop for internet access. The problem is the connectivity software runs on winXP but not win98 -- which is what I have. Are there any software solutions for this? Since I only use the laptop a few times a year while on vacation, I don't want to invest in a new one.
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    Windows 98? I would be curious to know how many ppl still use it... No offense, just curious...

    Anyway I would think you can do this without using the Sprint software. Does win98 have a similar New Connection Wizard that allows you to configure a new internet connection. Also I wonder if the DUN drivers would be automatically setup when you plug in the phone to USB. If so, go through the process of Connect to Internet / Setup Connection Manually / Connect using dial-up modem.

    Have I really been using XP for THAT long, I can't remember squat about 98...

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