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    OK im using poutlook with gmail. I want to when I hit send, to actually force a send, and not wait for the 30 min check that I have set up for it to check for messages through POP. Did i just miss something, or will i just have to use send/recieve?

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    I think the only way to do this is to press Menu then send/receive..

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    I'm not sure that your suggestion will work...I mean, unless it has for you...there are other threads that indicate that the domain name should be left out, and it worked for them. Another thread indicated that they used another "SMTP" service to send/reply to mail received. I'm still searching for the right answer. I responded to that quote (using other SMTP services,) and I asked if there is a free SMTP server that we can use for outgoing mail, and keep the POP3 with the service that the person originally signed up with. Still waiting for a response...
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    The only way it will send when you press the "send" button is if you set up a exchange sever or use some kind of push email service. Only way possible.
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    check out

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