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    I seem to be having a similar, but different bluetooth dropout problem. I have a 700wx and have recently purchased a bluetooth GPS. When I try to pair the GPS (Bluetooth Settings > Devices > New Partnershp (Scans and detects device successfully) > HOLUX GPSSlim240 > Passkey (entered) > Select services to use (not sure whether i should select the serial port?) >> FINISH.

    This works fine, and on the today screen the Bluetooth B icon is White (signifiying a connection), but only for 2-3 seconds. Then the B icon turns back to blue and there is no connection.

    Now that the item is paired, when I go back to the bluetooth partnership settings and click "refresh" and "Save," the same thing happens -- White B for 2 seconds, and then switches back to Blue B.

    I tried removing and repairing multiple times, soft resets, the power save fix (receive all incoming beams). Any other ideas? Is this possibly user error???

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    From the bits I have found, the BT Chip isn't even up to par enough for a Headset. The inability to do something as simple as pair with a wide variety of compatible headsets makes me cautious to invest in a more intricate program requiring Bluetooth from the Treo.

    If the manufacturer doesn't have any suggestions, I'd suggest returning the device, or finding a way to plug it into a port (if that's even possible?).

    Best of luck.
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    I have the same BT receiver as you.

    [Edit] I'm rewriting this to make it more understandable...

    Under BT settings, after you pair the device, set up an outgoing COM port (any will work. For the purposes of this, let's call it COM 7). Then go into GPS settings. Set a GPS program port to an open port (for example, COM 8). Under GPS hardware port, select the port you used under the BT settings (port 7). From now on, in any GPS programs, use the software port (COM 8). This should fix your problem. Also, do not set up the serial profile for your receiver.

    Hope this helps.

    PS. The baud rate for that receiver is 33600, which you select under the GPS hardware port.

    PPS. BT icon will only show it as being connected and active when the GPS device is actively being used by a program. Else it's not connected. For example, just because your receiver is on does not mean it will pair up. If you use something that utilizes GPS, like TomTom, it will pair once the program is open and running.
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