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    Just wondering if you can use the usb sync cable to copy files from a pc without installing active sync for example I would like to yous the 750 like a usb memory stick?

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    WM5storage doesn't work for me in treo 750. Card export is OK. You can use bluetooth to send files. If you happen to have windows vista, treo 750 will be recognized as removable disk automatically if no activesync (on desktop) is running.
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    Treo 750 hacks thread.
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    Thx for the replies ppl

    I tried the WM5 Storage but I get the error message to close all apps using the memory card but alas to no avail

    Will have to look as using blue tooth option
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    You could always try softick card export for windows mobile.

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    uhhh... wireless ftp.

    Set your desktop up with ftp, access your desktop anywhere
    Windows < ubuntu + beryl (UNIX/Linux)... now time to code..

    yay for hackers and all the wonderful tools used by said brains.
    Anyone play counterstrike?
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    Card Export II for PPC, it runs smoothly on 750.

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    Card Export II for PPC works a treat!

    Thanks for all your advise

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