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    I had the same problem with Gmail. Try this... works for me. Go into the email acct that this issue is happening with. On "E-mail setup" screen (2/4) it ask for.. Your Name.. and then it ask for your "User Name". In the "user Name" field put the following... recent:your sign on name. (ex: recent:joeshmoe) .. Then fill in password and save password normally. Hope that helps. If hard to follow PM me..
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    When you do this, don't you find that it also downloads email that you sent from gmail and not only incomming email? Thats what happens to me at least since I added the recent: trick a few weeks back.
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    Not for me, it has only download incoming e-mails.
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    this worked. thanks man
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    Quote Originally Posted by optimo View Post
    this worked. thanks man
    Thats what we are here for dude.
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    Excellent work! This works perfectly, just what I've been looking for, for months! thank you!
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    Thanks that helped me too!
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    Your Welcome guys!!!
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    I have personally given up on being able to download anything from GMail. Before hard reseting my treo, I was able to get Hotmail but not GMail. When I try to download mail from google, I get Connecting.. for a minute or two followed by Disconnecting.. for about the same period of time. Once in a while, I will get the messages cannot be downloaded... dialog.

    I tried the settings on here and on microsoft but to no avail. It just wont download a thing . If all else fails, there is always the option of getting my own exchange virtual server from fasthost, etc.

    Any suggestions welcome
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    I guess nobody on this forum cared to do a simple search 2 months ago and gotten to this thread and my response in the 3rd post...

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