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    I was wondering if there is a utility available that gives a complete picture of your Treo phone......processor, memory, storage space, installed programs, today wallpaper, ringtones and sounds, everything. Something like Bellarc Advisor but for the phone.

    I am keeping a writtem log of everything in case (for when) I need to do a hard reset. Then I can more easily re-setup for my the way it was before.

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    I think a good backup program is what may help out here. I am not too familiar with Sprite, (but it comes free through Palm with the w or wx) I use SPB Backup. If you do a complete backup, it saves all your apps, reg alterations, and settings. You can even download an unpacker to your PC, copy your backup file to the PC, and open it up to see what is there (I am refering to SPB with this, I think Sprite does this as well).

    Even if this is not exactly what your looking for, it makes those hard resets go much smoother (as long as you know the backup is from BEFORE the problem causing the reset ).

    Hope I helped!
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    Thanks for the suggestion.
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    It's a good idea. I'd like to know my hdd / ram , cpu speed + temp.. etc etc @ all times..
    but that's not related to hard resets :-\
    Windows < ubuntu + beryl (UNIX/Linux)... now time to code..

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    cs4cashHiPPO, I mentioned the hard reset because when I had to do a hard reset I had trouble remembering all of the little tweaks I had made to my Treo (used this sound for this certain notification, all the options I had set up "just right" for my programs, etc).

    Thats what prompted my post. But I am looking into one of the backup programs to see if this will give me a "snapshot" of my Treo.
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    I have wondered about a program like that myself. it would be great. I had to do a hard reset after backing up with Sprite.My tweaks and settings were not preserved and it was a pain to rebuild.

    I'd love to see something like Norton Ghost for Windows Mobile.

    BTW, I'm also looking for a voice recognition program that also let's you speak an email or text doc.

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    If you use the PC installation to install all your apps, then Activesync should give you a list. But a backup program, like Sprite Backup or Sbp Backup, should help you restore your device in case you had to perform a hard reset. I normally like to make a simple text file of all the apps I installed on my Treo in order. That way, if I had to manually install the apps, I knew what order I did it. This is in case a specific app had to be installed before another app to work properly.

    Quote Originally Posted by aryehz2 View Post
    I'd love to see something like Norton Ghost for Windows Mobile.
    How about Sbp Clone?
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    hmmm. I was not aware that exsisted. I''ll have to try it and get back to youy
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    ok. forget it. It's $300!!!!
    Guess I'll have to keep trying.

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