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    This is a very noob question, but I just downloaded a free golf game from microsoft's website. What I got is a bunch of files with no .exe . How do I put this on my Treo 700w so I can play it? THanks
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    If the title of the file you downloaded ends in CAB, you just sync the entire folder to your Treo, and then use your explorer on the Treo to find it, and click on it....the CAB should install it from there!!
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    P.S. Let me know how the game is, I have been thinking about it, I am not much of a game player though, so it would have to be pretty cool to catch my interest!! Thanks
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    I got the game to work so thank you! As for the game, its pretty bad. I don't know if its because I can't quite figure out how to play it or if its because its just a bad game. The upside is that its free so I can't complain. Thanks again!
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    No problem, glad to help. I know what you mean about games though....for the casual player some games are impossible to figure out. I don't know about you, but I don't usually have a couple hours to sit and experiment with the multiple controls!!!! (I don't know how kids do it!!)
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    I downloaded it and its pretty decent, IMHO. Im not a golfer, (Just a disc golfer) but was able to play it. I kept it on my Treo- so give it a try.
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    Maybe I will give it a shot tonight...what is the worst thing that could happen....I uninstall it?

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