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    I bought a used Treo 750. It worked great the first month, then started having trouble with the touchscreen. There's an issue a few people have been having... you can read about that here:

    There were a few potential fixes I found around the web while researching the problem. In the process, I've opened the case and taken it apart 5 or 6 times... warranty void.

    None of the solutions fixed my screen problem, but now I also lost use of 4 of the keys on the keyboard.

    It probably has something to do with the connecting cable to the keyboard, but I reseated the connection a number of times with no results.

    According to Palm's website, they won't even do an out of warranty repair if the case has been opened. And I can't find a place to get an answer from them about it.

    Is there anywhere else that would work on this... or would it cost too much? Any ideas of what I might do... short of skipping the phone across a pond... would be appreciated.

    I may be out of luck entirely... ouch!
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    if its a cingular call them and tell them you bought it like 2 months ago, the phone should have warranty for a year.
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    Thanks... but I tried that.

    They say you have to take it back to the Cingular store I bought it from or have the record of the online purchase from Cingular. The deal they have is the seller has to warranty it for the first 30 days, then it reverts to Palm for the remainder of 1 year.

    Since the case has been opened, the warranty is void as far as Palm is concerned.

    Thanks for the thought though... any other ideas are appreciated.
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    well i exchanged my treo after 30 days through cingular warranty and exchange department. i bought the phone at a corporate store and all i had to do was make a call to cingular from a landline or another cingular wireless phone by dialing 611. don't tell them you opened it. they don't usually ask if you've opened up the case. they only ask if it was dropped, abused, or exposed to extreme heat or water.
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    Thanks, but there's a security sticker glued on the head of one of the case screws. If that sticker is damaged, they know it's been opened. When you send the phone back, if they see that the warranty has been voided they charge your credit card $569.
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    I'll buy it from you

    But I only pay with peanuts... err wait that's a hefelump..
    Windows < ubuntu + beryl (UNIX/Linux)... now time to code..

    yay for hackers and all the wonderful tools used by said brains.
    Anyone play counterstrike?

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