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    Is there any way to configure Pocket Outlook to send emails in HTML format instead of Plain Text? I noticed every time I reply to an email from my Treo 700wx that it sends the email in Plain Text.

    If Pocket Outlook can't do it by default, is there something I can change to make it happen? A setting or a program I can install? I'd hate to have to switch to another email application, but I guess if there's no other way we'd have to consider it.

    Please let me know, and thanks in advance.

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    That's supposed to be available as a feature of Windows Mobile 6 but 6 hasn't been released yet. Sometime this summer, they say. Guess we'll have to be patient.
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    Is there a different application I can use until then that will allow me to send emails in HTML format?
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    None that I'm aware of. Others might have a better idea.

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