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    I don't know how I messed this up, but my voicemail notification and button is assigned to my! How can I reassign my voicemail back to the Cingular Voicemail?
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    I had the same trouble, here's how I fixed it. Turns out ONE of the speed-dials you reassigned is a special "Voicemail" one even though it isn't marked in any visible way. Because of this, whatever you changed it to (in your case "Mom") is still regarded by the system as Voicemail.

    To restore the function correctly you need to edit "Mom" back to "Voicemail". You can find the correct phone number for this using Google.
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    Wow, this happened to me too. What I did was create a contact called voicemail and then made a speed dial for it. I had no idea there was a fix. You don't need the Cingular voicemail number, you can just use your own cell number
    to check it.
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    Well, goes to show that every good deed deserves another - I just learned about dialing your own number to get your voicemail - I didn't know that before.

    Guess we all learned something from this thread

    p.s. I'd be curious to find out if my speed-dial fix worked for you - let me know?

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