I just got the USB sync/charge cable from the TC store and I love it, but I have a couple questions.

I'm using it on my work laptop and I don't want to sync it all the time, only when I choose to, but I want to leave it connected all the time to charge the battery.

I notice that the PC tries to connect to the Treo every once in a while, even if I have "Enable USB Connections" disabled in ActiveSync on the PC.

It will turn on the backlight on the Treo and a networking icon on the PC will appear and disappear in the system tray. I can't figure out what its trying to do.

Basically, I want to keep the Treo connected to the pc via USB to charge but leave ActiveSync off unless I do it manually. By doing this, it should also keep my EVDO connection alive, which I also want.

Is this an option or just wishful thinking? Any ideas?