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    When I try to open the "Sounds and Notification" manager on the T750 it takes a really long time (about 3.5 minutes or longer)! Can anyone explain why this happens?
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    Over 3 minutes is unheard of. Do you have any other programs running at the same time that could be causing the treo to lag?

    Some 3rd party apps will cause a treo to lag to a crawl. Did you try "resetting"(soft) then see how long it takes to go into Sounds and Notification?
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    You may have too much crap on your device, because it needs to read and detect the media files in WINDOWS, RINGS, APP DATA/SOUNDS, and the root folder of your storage card.
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    I have removed the sd card and performed a hard reset and the issue still persists.
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    This is somewhat related, there is a "pop" noise before the new email notificaton sound. It doesn't happen every time, I think it's usually when the device is in sleep mode.

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