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    I just want something that not only shows the forcast on the today screen, but also has the ability for radar.

    either I am just plain stupid and cant find something that does this, or I have no idea why there WOUDLNT be anything like this.
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    WeatherPanel.....I love it...I use a tabs skin, and have current day plus four day forcast always visible. You can get radar images, moon phases, and there are many skins out there for it. The best part is easy to use, and there are many forums out there to help use/install/fix here is the best forum on the app I have found:

    P.S. Ya' ain't stupid...we all started from scratch here!!!
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    SBSH PocketWeather will do that and a lot more.
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    Admittedly I don't know too much about SPB Weather (although I do know they have a good product (I use PocketPlus, Backup, + PhoneSuite by them)), but the one thing that made the decision for me was the price. Weatherpanel is free (untill it shuts down and I get SPB Weather, it works for me). Another plus is that Weatherpanel is much more open to customizing and changing. To be fair though SPB has support, Weatherpanel does not (although I have found more than adequate support via the forums).

    All in all though....both strong programs.
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    I have tried them all. weather panel gets my vote hands down.

    plus with the added wp-pilot by storyr.......
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    pocket express that came with treo750 cd has weather and also radar too, FREE.

    try it out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by aslmentor View Post
    pocket express that came with treo750 cd has weather and also radar too, FREE.

    try it out.
    pocket express, which is really the same thing as sprints "on demand" requires net framework. I know forsure ondemand requires it and think the same for pocket express. which will slow you way down.

    nevertheless, neither give it to you on your today screen.

    if you want current temp as well as forcast. weather panel is the only one. sbsh, and spb don't do that.

    plus weather panel does animated icons.
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    Thosa animated icons are the best...I use them, and seeing the rain come down, and the fall leaves blowing around....a screen cap does not do it justice, it just looks COOL!!!!! I love showing off my phone for many reasons, but I think the main one, and the part that gets noticed Weatherpanel.

    So....not only is it affordable, it is informative, and.....for lack of better terms, I guesss you could say it is the Today screens version of Bling Bling LOL!!!


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