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    I installed the threaded SMS app on my Sprint 700wx without problem, and then installed it on my good friend's Verizon 700wx.

    It threads for him to a point; but when he replies to a text message from within a thread the messages go into space and are never received.

    Same install on my Sprint Treo, and works beautimously. Did I miss something on the VZW - is there something I should know or do?

    Thanks for your help.
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    Did you follow Cody's nice instructions and copy the dll's to \Windows on your friend's treo? If you failed to do that the sms will get stuck in the outbox.
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    I thought I did, but I need to double-check. Thanks for the tip hannip. I appreciate it.

    Should I attempt to go in and move the dll's or can I do a fresh reinstall?
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