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    I tried Phone Suite in hopes of finding a more stable PA alternative, but when I saw it couldn't be skinned I removed it :S
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    Yeah, it doesn't quite cut it for me either. I'm sticking with PA.....for now. I like that PA is skinnable.
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    I can definitely understand why the PA fans aren't necessarily impressed, but Phone Suite does do a few things PA doesn't, which is most likely at least part of the reason it weighs in a little heavier. For instance, it has a call filter for blacklisting and a photo speed dial with multiple capabilities from a press-and-hold command. I know you might have to install two other apps in addition to PA to get all of that functionality sometimes, and I'd rather just have the one, even if it is a bigger app. Whether or not that justifies the extra memory PS requires is personal preference. For the sake of comparison, although they are similar programs, they aren't identical. Depending on your needs, one will always be better than another for you.

    I'm not a total Spb fanboy, believe me. I really don't like everything that comes out. However, whereas some people have no luck with their apps, me, I've had a lot of luck with them, so I'm more inclined to see them favorably.
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    Looks cool, but if it only had an caller ID option with photo and details, then I would try it. Otherwise, I'm sticking with Photo Contacts pro. Besides, I'm desperately needing more room, so I don't have an options to try it out, unless I uninstall Photo contacts pro.
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    That photo ID thing was batted around during the beta - may be added later... I hope so.
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    Does SPB Mobile Shell slow down the device overall? I have treoalert already so I dont really need it,the today screen just looks cool.
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    Hey Sling... profiles in TA would be perfect.
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