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    I have 2 Sprint Treo 700WX's (one for work calls, the other is my personal but I use for work related internet stuff). I don't want to be able to receive incomming calls on my personal line (I would like it to not ring or vibrate at all, just go to voicemail, so I don't have to worry about burning my minutes or accidentally picking up the phone) since my company pays for my work line, but I want to still be able to use the internet on my personal line.

    any suggestions?
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    You may want to consider a program that can blacklist calls. Then just set something to pick up all incoming calls, and you won't have to worry about it. Then you'll have the access you want, without the incoming calls. I know I've seen a few that can do it, can't remember names, though, so have a quick search around here for "call filters" or something like that...
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    I think you maybe also be able to ask Sprint to route all incoming calls to voicemail (or possibly not accept them at all).

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