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    So I have question about the internet connection on Sprint. I have a Sidekick 3 right now, and one of the best features I noticed about this phone is that I can be disconnected from the T-mobile network but my messages on AIM will still come through after I reconnect. When I was on the Treo 700p (using Toccer), I would always connect and disconnect. It was really annoying. So my question is, is there a app that can do this? I'm purchasing a Treo 700wx on Sprint.
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    Have you tried AIM forwarding? It doesn't require a data connection. In combination with the threaded sms app it makes a very nice AIM/SMS chat app.
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    Well I have unlimited data/text so I'm not worrying about the usage. I'm just looking for a strong program that will stay on AIM and have all the features.
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    its preety much the best aim app out. I'm a big aim user and have no problems. and when u disconnect it reconnects.

    there relly is no aim app like what the sk's have it is the best app ever for aim verichat was good but damn nokia killed that. why I have no idea.
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    There's no way to still download Verichat? EDIT... Nevermind. Maybe I'll just purchase the application. Is there an application that can ALWAYS be on (even without the connection). So far, I searched up mundu and imov, anyone have experience on those?
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