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    Well, since I have a 750v I never really go to the 700P area in TreoCentral. Rading the new Palm Blog, I realized, boy am I glad I did not go with the 700P or 680. sure, the 750s have some issues, but nothing like the ones mentioned above. As much as I hate to say this, it confirms my decision to go with WM, not cuz I like WM, but Palm has some serious issues to deal with.
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    Heck I figgured that out back in 2001 when I dumped my Visor for a Pocket PC.
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    depends on the camp - I am torn between three devices - Blackberry Pearl, Palm Treo, Palm 750 !!

    I love the email/phone of BB
    I love the PIM, many apps for Palm
    I love that the WM5 is for the future..

    so thats me
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    OTOH, don't assume those complaints are what everyone experiences. With the exception of some minor lags, my 700P is rock solid. I haven't had a reset in a couple of months.
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    I have not had 1 reset on my 680, and I have over 100 apps installed. I use it constantly... GPS, Web, Network tools like SSH, IRC, and messaging... and of course phone & PDA. The only complaint is the battery. My 650 lasted longer, but the 680 does seem quicker in most aspects, so I am very happy. I even bought my wife one after playing with one for a month at work.

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