Good morning all!

After several long months of development we are pleased to announce today the first version release of the all new SBSH application: PhoneWeaver!

PhoneWeaver is one of our new upcoming applications that we've been working on really hard in the past few months now and we are excited to have it released as our new addition to the SBSH products line today!

Additionally, this is also a great opportunity to introduce the man behind PhoneWeaver, Miguel!. Miguel joined the SBSH team a few months ago as the new PhoneWeaver project manager and he will be here on the forums too along with me, other developers and the moderation team, working together to push the new PhoneWeaver application ahead along with some of the great things that are offered with this new release and more exciting things that are still planned for the future! :clap1:

What is PhoneWeaver all about?
In short, PhoneWeaver is a very powerful profiling application for users using Windows Mobile Professional devices (aka: Pocket PC Phone Edition devices), allowing users to create much smarter profiles that help users to fill the missing natural link between your windows mobile capabilities and the phone capabilities included with the device.

Getting a bit more detailed, let's review some of PhW features

1. Profile Triggering

Using PhoneWeaver you can define up to 100 different profiles that will help you manage and completely control your device state based on different triggers (activation switches) for each of the profiles you create. Each profile that you create can have one out of four optional profile triggers, which will define that specific profile type. The available profile triggers are: Manual, Time, Agenda and ActiveSync/Power.

Manual profiles: Profiles that are activated manually by selecting them from the profiles context menu. Those are marked (when using the default skin) by a small pointing-finger icon that represents that this is a manual profile.

Time profiles: Profiles activated based on a certain time of the day. Each time-profile can be configured to start on up to four different times/days a week. Time profiles are activated according to the selected activation time configured for those profiles.

Agenda profiles: Using agenda profiles you can automatically activate a profile based on your agenda content. For example - mute your phone ringer when you begin an appointment marked as busy status and many additional similar possibilities. Using agenda profiles users can create a new great link between their agenda content and their phone status! :beer:

ActiveSync and Power profiles: Configure profiles that are triggered based on the device power status or Active Sync status. Allowing you to activate profiles based on the power status of the device when a change is detected.

2. Profile Actions

For each profile, the user can configure many different state variables that allows you to fully control your phone state and parameters based on the currently active profile.

Each profile can fully control the device sounds, radios and special additional parameters


An initial main selection to disable the device sounds, switch to vibrate or activate the regular sounds on the device is available.

When the device sounds are active for a specific profile you can configure the device ringer volume, call sound volume and main device sounds volume. For each configuration like this you can choose whether you wish the profile to effect the device configuration or have no effect - which basically means that the current active state will remain the same as it was before the profile was activated.

Additional sound related parameters are also available for each profile you configure, including: alarms controlling capabilities for SMS, MMS, New mail and Ringer; Ringtones selection and more!


For each profile you can configure whether it should effect your device radios or not. The available radios that can be controlled by PhoneWeaver are: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Phone (regular phone connection) and Push mail.

For each of these available radios you can choose between: Enable, Disable or Unchanged option.

As an example for a usage of radio controlling, I've created a special manual profile called "Car". When activating my Car profile it will automatically activate the Bluetooth on my device which I use with my Bluetooth ear-piece while I'm in my car. My car profile is also configured to change the phone sounds to the highest level possible since it is a bit harder to hear the ringer while driving usually Once I'm out of the car, switching back to my Day profile (which is my basic time-based profile) is also configured to close the Bluetooth connection, so this will make sure that I don't have the Bluetooth still active once I'm out of the car.


Additional phone parameters that can be controlled by each profile includes your device backlight state - allowing to setup profiles that will leave the backlight active all the time or to close it with a specific timeout.

Another advanced option that you will find is the ability to execute an application when activating a profile. Following the Car profile example, users that use a device with GPS (unfortunately I'm not one of those -b2- ) can configure their Car profile, or a different profile for that matter, to automatically launch their GPS navigation application, so once they switch to their Car profile it will configure their sounds for the desired state and also activate the GPS application etc.

3. Today Screen Plug-in

Today plugin structure - PhoneWeaver also comes with a Today screen plugin, allowing users to view and switch the current active profile on the device really easily! Additionally, on the right side of the PhoneWeaver Today screen plugin there are four switch buttons displaying the current active state of the device Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, push mail and phone radio. Clicking on any of those switch buttons will toggle the state of that specific radio button between active and disabled B)

Each of the four switch buttons on the Today screen plugin can be removed and re-ordered through the PhoneWeaver configuration dialog, so users using a device without Wi-Fi or without push mail service can easily have those removed from their device Today screen.

One-Hand navigation - PhoneWeaver Today screen plugin was designed to fully support D-Pad one-hand navigation and you can fully control all of the switch buttons, current profile and enter the PhoneWeaver configuration dialog using the D-Pad only with one-hand navigation on the Today screen.

Keeping it straightforward - One of the main benefits PhoneWeaver offers is a straightforward design that won't take much space on your Today screen, leaving much space for your additional favorite applications, and at the same time, bringing the most important information that is expected from such an application to your phone Today screen, right where you want it to be!

4. Additional Features

Small memory footprint - With the belief and understanding that PhoneWeaver is a must have for users with phone devices, PhoneWeaver was designed with extreme care for memory consumption and footprint, to make it as minimal as possible while providing the powerful features expected from such an application. PhoneWeaver's memory footprint shouldn't exceed 320kb to the most and usually should be less than this

PhoneWeaver's small footprint is one of the main aspects that should help many users use it as their device as a default utility for the Windows Mobile OS.

VGA and orientations Support - As all of our best selling applications, PhoneWeaver comes with professional graphics including special graphics for VGA devices, both for the Today screen and all other visual sections of the application PhoneWeaver should work without any problem on any screen orientation, size and resolution.

Pocket PC 2003, WM5 and WM6 support - PhoneWeaver is designed to fully support Pocket PC 2003 devices, Windows Mobile 5 and Windows Mobile 6. Technically it should run on regular devices without phone edition capabilities, but due to the nature and features of the application it is targeted only for users with phone devices.

Registering PhoneWeaver

PhoneWeaver costs $14.95 and can be registered using our online store on our site powered by Handango at the following URL:

A list of additional distribution channels offering PhoneWeaver can be found at our site at the following URL:

Download PhoneWeaver 1.0

To download the new PhoneWeaver 1.0 complete ZIP file follow the URL below:

To download Over The Air CAB file for Pocket PC 2003, WM5 and WM6 devices follow the URL below:

Future Plans and Final Thoughts

I'm excited to say that even before this first version was released we already got an amazing list of new requests from the beta group for things that we plan to continue working on for future upcoming updates Many of those features will already be introduced in our upcoming minor updates in the near future, while some of those are a bit larger and will come as we continue our progress on larger updates in following weeks from now B)

There are really lots of great things that we are planning to introduce with future upcoming PhoneWeaver updates and we hope that our users will also find the new application exciting as we believe and help us to move forward with more new features that are still ahead of us.

As always, Miguel, my self and other members of the SBSH team will be here to follow-up with any feature requests, bug reports, new ideas for future updates and how you believe the application should continue to evolve and so on!

Please be sure to post back with your input on the new PhoneWeaver release and as always we will be sure to read through all of your replies and do our utmost to reply to each and every reply

We really hope that you will enjoy the new PhoneWeaver release and looking forward for your input!

As posted by amitregev on the SBSH Forums

Also the Manual, and info on the discount for registered users.

I have not tested this yet, however, it's kind of a downer though because it's only a profile application and there's no SMS, Missed Calls, etc. counter on the Today plugin as there is on both PhoneAlarm and Spb's Phone Suite.

SBSH has always provided quality applications, I guess I was expecting those features included so that it was direct competition with PA and PS... I don't really use the profiles on PA so this application does nothing for me

Hope you all find this informative! I may give the app a try...