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    I just installed PA this weekend and now my phone, when it rings, will vibrate once and then give me the missed call notification. I don't know if it is a setting that I need to change or what. The sound on the phone is turned off so the phone is set to vibrate only. Please help, missing a lot of calls.
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    another prime candidate for treo alert. lol.

    phone alarm is a nice app when running right. it does cause a lot of problem in return. some have got it running good but many have not. many have uninstalled and went with the free app "treo alert"

    I hope you didn't buy it yet.
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    Nope, not yet. Have about 25 days left in the trial. We'll see if it makes it that long. All of a sudden the calls started coming through. I'll have to check out Treo Alert. Thanks for the info.

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