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    Everytime I doft reset my phone I always have 2 SMS messages. I know for a fact that threr's no unread messages. Is there a way to permanetly remove them and not have them show up on phone alarm.


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    I have the same problem. Everytime I reset, it says I have a message. I click on it and there's nothing there.
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    This used to happen to me when I would delete an "unread" message. EG, if you get a popup when a msg arrives, and read the whole message in the popup, then delete it, WM doesn't think you read it yet. So it doesn't clear the counter. I had the same problem on another device w/wm6 too BTW, so it doesn't appear that they have corrected this.

    You may have another issue, but that's the reason that I had mine
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    Are you using the beta version of the phone alarm. I have problem with sms notifications to be accurate or pop up. I revert back to the stable version and problems are gone.

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