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    I know they are completely different devices but a good friend of mine asked me for some advice because he's not sure of which one to purchase. He can get the N95 at a very good price.

    What do you think?
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    I woulf think its pretty simple. The 750 is a messaging phone, like a blackberry, while the N95 is everything EXCEPT a messaging phone, due to the lack of good text input options.

    If he wants to reply to corporate email on an exchange server he should get the 750. If he wants to listen to music, navigate, and take great pictures he shoul get the N95.

    (and yes, I know the N95 also does exchange activesync etc, but it lacks the convenient front mounted keyboard, and of course the 750 can navigate and play music (and take pictures) but not as well as the N95.)

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    N95 has Wifi, built-in GPS, and better camera but no touch screen, no QWERTY keyboard, and no US 3G frequencies. OS differences mean UI and software differences too (but there are apps for most things on both platforms). There's lots of overlap in terms of functionality, but the focus of the two devices is different and they excel in different areas. What does your friend want to do with the device?

    EDIT. Oops. What Surur said.
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    Thanks for the replies. He'll use the device at work mainly: much of email checking and web surfing, not sure if he'll do much writing. I guess the main difference is there, on the writing stuff and the fact of the lack of QWERTY...
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    You also need to like Nokia's S60. I am not a huge fan of Nokia's OS personally. I loved the Nokia e62 as a phone but missed WM5 personally so I would rather go that route.

    5mp camera?? Thats insane. What is this 1.3 and 2.0mp crap that all of these companies use??
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    If he is just checking email and not replying, then the nokia will do, especially if he is in love with the camera and other multimedia features. However, if he is in a 3G area in the US, I'd highly recommend the Treo, especially with a Slingbox.

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