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    Is there a setting that needs to be turned on in order to send pictures in a text message? It shows text message as an option to send but is not able to be used. I am only able to send via email. Thats not always the fastest way to get it to someone. Any tips out there?
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    the wx does not have picture mail out of the box... do a search for mms hack or ppc mms... numerous threads on it.
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    Is it possible you can direct me to a thread as I am having difficulty searching for that term.

    Also, will this work on another network, i.e. Telus Canada?

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    search under mms hack.
    all the related threads are there.
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    Men, you guys are cold as sin.
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    Men, you guys are cold as sin.
    hey i helped lol. i found it when i searched. some people just like to be spoon feed like a baby.LOL

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