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    Well, I set up a account to get the push svc. for my treo 750. (I am using gmail and was going to forward all to this Mail2web account to have it pushed to my phone) When you sign up for the free account, you learn that it only "pushes" once every hour. You have to pay to have the true push instant feature. That is the way I understand it.

    Please correct me if I am wrong.

    Any other options out there besides Emoze, Seven?
    Emoze is no because it tacks adds to the mails
    Seven is no because it cannot handle pics in the emails.

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    That is incorrect. It is true push. Syncs as items arrive.
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    I agree. I think it is true push.

    I use a 4Smartphone Pro account and am happy with it, although it's not free).
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    I have been using mail2web now for a while on my Treo. It is true push as mail typically gets pushed to the 750 as the item arrives. Occasionally, there are some system server errors or the servers become busy and it gets delayed for a while, but it is intended to be push email.

    There are other solutions out there though if you are not happy and need reliable push email. For my own use, I am pretty satisfied.

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