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    What's the difference between 750V and 750....

    The stores in HK said the 750 is 3.5G capable and 750V is just 3G but "can be tweak to get 3.5G"

    Want to check with the expert here the truth !!!

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    I heard this from my friend who got the 3.5G Treo750. Should be true! So that's why I am so annoyed we cannot get this PROMISED 3.5G ROM update yet!
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    Palm released a 750 w/HSDPA in Australia I believe. the 750v/c do not have it yet. So yes, he/she is right.

    It seems that we were going to get an AKU 2.6 update (like the v that was leaked a month or two ago) but got canned when they decided to throw WM6 on the phone.

    It's really bad for Palm that we didn't get an update yet, but I'd rather get WM6 in the summer than AKU 2.6 in the spring w/HSDPA and NEVER get WM6. Manufacturers don't like to distribute multiple OS updates on a device, so they're obviously waiting for WM6.

    The Blackjack got a minor update for AT&T branding. The 8525 got an official update (with AKU 3.5) a few weeks back. And BOTH are getting WM6. Shame on Palm...both have HSDPA also btw.
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    Palm has always been slow with updates to their Treos. Anyone remember waiting for the GPRS update for the Treo 180?


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