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    The only way I seem to be able to access the calendar from my pone is if I add it to my today screen. Am I missing something here? I have no icon in my programs folder for calendar ( or tasks for that matter). It is also not listed in my start menu. I did do a clean with SKtools so Iím a little worried that I deleted something. BTW, the calendar works fine as long as it is on my today screen.

    Thanks in advance for any help/advice.
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    Yep I'd say you deleted something, either that or you've installed an alternative calendar application.

    I use AgendaOne on my Treo and it removes the calendar, task and contacts icon and replaces them with a single AgendaOne icon.

    You should be able to recreate the icons by creating new shortcuts in Device\Windows\Start Menu or Device\Windows\Start Menu\Programs depending where you want the icon to appear

    Contacts = "poutlook.exe contacts" so I'm guessing Calendar would be "poutlook.exe calendar"

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    Thanks Nigel I ended up doing a hard reset to get the icons back before I saw your response. I'm guessing I deleted some shortcuts with SKtools because the programs were still there just not the shortcuts.
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