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    I have a pop 3 email account set up on my phone. I receive email fine but if I try to use it to send an email or reply to one, I get an error after sending it that says the address is not valid. any ideas of what could be wrong? Thanks
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    This sounds like your SMTP mail is not set up correctly. Check to make sure you have the right info in that area.
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    its filled out correctly in the smtp server line. I just cant figure out which other settings it could be
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    just checked the smtp line again and its correct. This is the exact error that im getting:

    Your message 'RE: hello' was not sent and has been moved to the Drafts folder.

    The following recipients are invalid:

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    make sure you dont have a domain name in there for the outgoing mail... leave the domain line blank... thats what made mine finally work cause i kept putting gmail in there and it never worked so i just left it blank and it works great now!
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    finally figured it out
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    what was it that worked for you?
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    I finally figured out that road runner won't let you send outgoing mail from a remote source like a treo... so I have to use the alltel outgoing server to send my mail
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    I think I have the same problem with Godaddy. they say I can specify an alternate port, but nothing seems to work. (POP works fine)
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    I use the Road Runner service, as well. "alltel..." is that another company that'll provide an SMTP? Or, is there some type of service that I can use their SMTP (for free) to reply or send out email from my POP3?

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