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    Well, I forcefully updated my rom on a 700wx (sprint) with the 700w update from Verizon in hopes of converting it to a Verizon phone to use on US Cellular's dice.

    Flashed fine, won't boot up, when it does boot up it's not complete...

    I was wondering if there was a way of pulling a ROM from another WX...I have the app to flash it with, I just don't know if there is a command for it to read from the wx...could anyone shed some light?
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    Did you perform a backup prior to the ROM upgrade? If so, you might be able to restore the ROM. I know Sprite Backup has an option for restoring back to a previous ROM.
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    That is bold. I never did a custom ROM on my 650 due to Brick Paranoia.
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    Yeah, there are parts of me that just don't care...I like trying new things...of course the outcome isn't always good...but meh...

    Nah I didn't use Sprite backup, I wish I knew about it prior to doing there someone with a 700wx that would be willing to help me out here with a backup?
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    I'll try to help, but it won't be anytime soon.

    What I'll do is...
    1. Hard reset
    2. Install Sprite Backup on my SD card and not register it.
    3. Perform a backup, creating an .exe file

    Then I'll send you the file so you can restore it from the file.

    The only thing I'm concerned about is I'm not sure where the ESN is coded. If it's through a registry, then Sprite will back it up. I don't want my phone duped.
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    I certainly appreciate your gesture and would definitely be greatful for it.

    I could understand the concearn of the ESN being duped, but I could assure you, I'm the guy that found out that you could clone those phones, I actually found out because US Cellular wouldn't allow me to activate it, so I had to copy my currently activated US Cellular phone in order to be able to use it...I really want to be able to reuse the phone. Either way, if you do or don't help me out, you've given me some good information, Thanks again.
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    Anyone wanna help me out here? Perhaps one with a VZ 700wx?

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