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    I wonder if I'm the only one who would use it... It could also be possible that I'm missing something obvious... would not be the first time...

    but have you ever thought about performing a soft reset with some sort of application (instead of removing batt. cover, finding the reset button, etc, etc)???

    In order for my treo (700wx by the way) to work during the day, I need to perform one of these AT LEAST once a day... kinda of a pain...

    Do you guys know of any software out there that would do this for me?

    Any thoughts?
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    I really thought this was a joke... no offense, but there's a LOT of info on applications like this on the forums. Should have run a search...

    I don't know about the free ones since I've never used them, but iLauncher, MemMaid, SKTools have the ability of performing a soft reset from the screen.

    Run a search for the free ones.
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    I swear I searched..!!! (obviously not like I should have... :P )

    I will find those applications and see how they work.

    Thanks PIBE!

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    Hannip... YOU'RE DA MAN!!!!

    really nice... I just installed your appl... this is amazing!

    Thanks a lot.

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    Can't see how going to Yahoo! and just typing a search query like say 'soft reset for pocketPC' wouldn't return any hits.
    That's how I found the app I use for soft resets, it's aptly called ''SoftReset'' .
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