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    When i goto youtube and try to play anything i get a message that says "Hello you either have javascript turned off or an ild version of macromedias Flash player"

    I went to macromedia and downloaded the latest Flash player onto my device for WM5. I have a Treo 700wx btw. I am still having the same problem. How do i mess with the javascript settings?? Or what should i do??
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    That is becuase Youtube videos are made using a minimum with Flash Player 8. PocketPC version is only Flash player 7.

    There are allot of discussions regarding this. Do a search on the forum for alternatives.
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    Ive done a search and people say use google. When i goto google and search for a video they usually link to youtube! I think im definitly missing something here!! Thanks for the previous post eddie!
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    The best way to do it is through
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    Do a search on the forums.

    Orb uses your PC to stream videos.

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