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    New to the forum.

    Have the 700wx and recently installed Audible. I have a Plantronics 510. It works fine for calls, but I cannot get it to switch over to the Headphone when I use audible.

    Any software hack?


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    You need a bluetooth headset that supports A2DP (it doesn't look like yours does from a quick internet search but I could be wrong.)

    You need to install Hannip's magnificent patch from this thread:

    The other alternative is to get bluetooth dongle that plugs into your headphone jack and that will send all audio to any headset (but the Jabra dongle I've tried with this didn't sound that great)
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    This info doesn't jive with my previous experience with my old 6700. I'm pretty sure that the 6700 did not have A2DP but was able to send audio such as Windows Media Player to the bluetooth headset, although not in stereo. My understanding is that A2DP upgrades devices to "stereo" bluetooth but that mono is still a capability without A2DP, at least it is on the 6700.

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