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    I use resco today plug in which has the battery meter so I dont need the one on the top bar at all. Anyway to completly remove it?
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    Well, you can remove the battery icon and replace it with the speaker icon like I did. I use mobile shell and it has a battery meter too, so I don't need the top one either.

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    Wisbar will do this for you as well...

    Also saw a tool to remove the entire top bar with options to remove soft key bottom bar as well.
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    @Intersink, do you know what that program was or where you saw it? Thanx!! BTW, you can get rid of the bottom bar with "nobottombar," I found it in Dwizzy Today Them @ PPCGeeks. You just place it in your Windows/Startup and then run it once from there, it will then run thereafter until you remove it.

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