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    I have this problem with my 750v which I hope a kind soul can help me with.

    Whenever I receive an SMS from my wife's mobile phone, caller ID will tag that SMS with her number (say +65 1234-5678). But when I reply to that SMS, the Treo will send the message to "65 1234-5678" without the "+". This will prevent the SMS going out because there is no such number, it should either be +65... since 65 is the country code or not at all (just 1234-5678). To get round this problem, I cannot just reply to her SMSes but have to go to the Contacts database and send the SMS from there (which then gives me the right number with the '+' included).

    This ONLY happens with my wife's number and I suspect it was because she was the first person to call me when I bought my Treo. At that time, I was doing contact number transfers and her number was accidentally listed as "65 1234-5678" without the '+'. Since then, I have tried re-inputing her number, deleting her SMS thread etc (short of a hard reset) but without success. The Treo seems to insist on tagging her mobile to the wrong '65 1234-5678' number. Is there a hidden database I can amend or registry setting I can change ?

    Thanks for any tips provided. Cheers.
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    I have a similar problem for one of my contacts and each time I want to reply I just compose a new message. But it is very annoying.
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    Same problem for me to with my wife's sms messages. They come in as being from her but when I reply they get kicked back as an invalid number. I thought this was a Cingular issue but obviously not. Even though she is listed in my contacts with her area code (XXX) and the message is received showing it whenever I respond to her messages the Treo seems to send it out without her area code so it gets bounced back. The frustration I have is that nowhere on my contacts is her number listed without her area code so either the Treo itself or possibly Cingular is removing it either because it is the same as mine, or for some other reason.

    Anybody able to offer advice here?

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    I am adding to this thread because people are looking but not replying and I want this to bump towards the top. I am thinking this must not be a pervasive issue and maybe I need to do a hard reset but I really want to avoid this.

    Any ideas out there--please?

    Thanks in advance.
    PDA Lineage: Palm Pilot, Palm V, Palm Tungsten, Treo 650 (Cingular), Treo 750 (AT&T), Treo Pro GSM (unlocked), Pre Plus (AT&T), Pre 2 GSM (unlocked), Pre 3 16GB (AT&T Branded) and Touchpad 32 GB
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    Try checking your SIM card. Could be that your SIM card is storing the number differently.

    If that doesn't work, try deleting your wife's contact details and recreating another one.
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    My SIM card is empty and this is still happening.
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    I have same problemo. I entered a contact incorrectly once now the quick list in my SMS defaults to it every time, now I can't text him unless I go in and change the number everytime! What a pain...there has got to be a fix without having to hard reset???
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    I don't have a single phone number saved to me SIM--at least as far as I can tell by checking the contents. It still does this so I am hoping somebody has an idea. Cingular tech support was no help--only suggestion they had was bringing the phone into a store and getting it replaced with a new one.
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    I had my phone replaced (although I did restore from backup) so it isn't a hardware issue and maybe a hard reset would work (but it ain't worth the aggro) a new phone is overkill.
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    i have a 2006 acura tl and just got my new treo 700wx, for some reason i cant get the bluetooth to setup up the 06 acura tl...does anyone know why?
    or what i need to do? is there a bluetooth software update?

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    My girlfriend has an 07 TL and it was prety easy for her to set it up. I will ask her how she did it and post it so you can do what she did.
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    Found this thread, I have the same problem, sorry to bring it up again.

    I have phones for my contacts prefix with *31# to unblock on per call as I have my phone defaulted to block my number but Windows just decides to keep that prefix and it results to failure in sending the SMS.

    Any ideas short of full reset and clearing all my numbers the prefix?

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