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    already tried all the tricks like this -
    Following several threads on the net the common theme still appears to be heat.
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    Yesterday I had the same problem.
    Touchscreen is not working anymore.
    I'm sending it back :-(
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    Yep I would send it back - my replacement has been good, no problems with the touch screen yet, however as I discussed with Palm support it only started about 3 months into ownership - so I'm watching mine very carefully....

    If you still need to use your phone I found that simply removing the battery for a period of time - say 30 mins- brought the screen back to life (till it heats back up again)

    Good luck.....
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    I also just started having the touch screen locked problem on my 750 a few days ago. I bought this from Cingular about 3 months ago. I took this to the Cingular store and one of the store employees said that this is happening a lot. They tried the soft reset, hard reset and it did not work. I even downloaded the reset software with no success. I was barely able to recalibrate the screen when I hard resetted the unit. It took about 20 minutes to get through that excercise. Now all that happens is that the back light comes on when you touch the screen. Also - my alarms have never worked on this unit. Something is just not right with the Treo 750. It worked great for about two months but then started to noticed a lot of querky things - constantly have to soft reset. I hope there is a class action on this one. I never had any of these problems with my Ipaq 6515 running the same WM5. Only got this because of the 3G broadband speed.
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    Forgot to mention another problem. Ever since the screen started to lock up I can no longer synch my 750 to my PC. Is this a coincidence?
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    I think it's a coincidence.
    Did you try removing the battery and letting the device cool down?
    3 months sounds about right - thats roughly when my first device went bad - my replacement is relatively new so i'm waiting to see if it has the same problems. I still believe it's something to do with heat - there's no pattern to anyone's software installed (from a bare device with no add on sw to one all loaded up with stuff).. the only common thread is that the device appears to be fairly hot right before the lockup... well at least that's what the 8 or 9 people I've spoken to so far have noticed.
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    On another point - have you told palm about this problem ?
    I would raise an official ticket with Palm support- I highly doubt they frequent this board, so I wouldn't rely on this as the vehicle for them to "get the message and get it fixed"... it's going to take a pattern of returns and complaints.

    When I spoke to palm they had a few incidents of this happening but certainly didn't acknowledge it was a problem... I was even called a liar on some other posts when I pointed out that the 750 does in deed have some sort of issue with the touch screen.
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    I've got mine Treo 750 just a couple of weeks when the problem with the touchscreen occured.
    Before the problem I had a couple of times a notification telling that the battery couldn't be charged because the battery was to cold.
    Familiar with it ?
    Luckely I didn't sold my Treo 680 so that's the device I'm using right now.
    I hope that Palm will release the update to WM6 pretty soon.
    Maybe that solves the problem.
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    yeah...I did all the things everyone mentioned here on this site - took battery out, waited and all that. I never correlated the heat thing to my problem with the dead touch screen. All I know is that I can't even calibrate this thing once I did a hard reset. Cross hair just does not move. I went out to the Palm site and they have a few discussions out there complaining about the dead touch screen. Anyways - my new treo just showed up from AT&T and everything works just fine now. I hope I don't have the same problem with this replacement unit. Thanks!
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    I called my reseller today (returned the Treo several days ago) to ask what's the current state at this moment.
    They confirmed the problem with the touchscreen and sended the device back to Palm.
    They told me that it takes 2 to 3 weeks to repair the device by Palm !!!!!!!
    What's this ???? 3 weeks ????
    3 weeks back to my trusted Treo 680... :-(
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