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    More reading question on this then.

    Will PDAnet allow me to tether the 700wx without the need for the $15 a month charge? Now we're starting to get into justifing the cost. I could drop the home connection and use the phones data plan instead.
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    I'm not sure PDANet would be reliable enough for you to use as your only internet connection. It has a tendency to be sporadic...
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    Due to VZ...or due to the phone not working correctly.
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    Actually, I think it's due to PDANet...
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    Im not sure that the vzw evdo would be adequate as your home connection. Sitting here in my NYC office I am getting only 280kb/sec. It fluctuates granted, but living with that slow of a spead, even occasionaly, would be an issue.
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    Well, if you're used to dial-up it may not bother you, but if you're coming from DSL or Broadband...
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    This would be coming from wireless (WISP). However, it's not reliable either. It only works half the time. I think the trees are an issue really.

    OK. Well...more things to think about then. Still thinking about the 700wx though. Just too many options in it to pass up. The 6700 is too bulky.
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    PDANet allows you to tether your PC/laptop with your phone to make it act as an internet connection. You will still need a data plan to do this.

    Sprint offers a better, cheaper data package compared to Verizon. You may want to check the coverage in your area, by going to
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    Yeah. I'd have to try out Sprint up north I guess to see if that would work there. If it would the data option would be less...
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    Quote Originally Posted by gpshemi View Post
    Not too mention I'm an engineering department IT.
    ...maybe I don't really grasp the difference between email and txt msgs other then 180 character limit
    uh oh, lol!
    Quote Originally Posted by gpshemi
    Quote Originally Posted by christinac130
    Well, if you're used to dial-up it may not bother you, but if you're coming from DSL or Broadband...
    This would be coming from wireless (WAN). However, it's not reliable either. It only works half the time. I think the trees are an issue really.
    omg rofl!

    Anyhoo, 700P would be a bad idea for MP3s because, at least until a firmware patch is released, MP3s skip every 30 seconds or so. It's a music-killer. For podcasts, it's more acceptable of course.

    PDANet is not a good idea for replacing your internet connection.

    If you are very concerned about pricing, check out SERO plans on Sprint. $30 for 500 Anytime minutes, unlimited Nights & Weekends, and FREE unlimited internet. More info here:
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    Why are you laughing at my internet woos....? Wireless is a good way to go if you can get a signal. Some of us here are getting close to cable speeds for half the price. Assuming trees aren't a problem how can you beat $29 a month for broadband?

    In any event. Your comments on the 700P are just what I was looking for. Although black mark against the P. At this point I'm leaning towards the 700wx, but I want to wait to see if the new 6800 is coming out soon.
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    OK. Picked up a 700wx through verizon. It was a forced buy since my other phone just gave out. Some things I like. Some things I hate.

    In any event. The PDA aspect works fairly well, although color coding events in the calender seems to be a mystery to me yet. So you have to click on everything to see what it pertains to. I don't care for that too much.

    You seem to have to hit 3 or four buttons to refresh the screen from sleep. That's stupid functionality there.

    When you hit phone you don't get the dail pad, you get a bunch of choices in a menu instead. I hate that also.

    The biggest complain is the picture messaging. I looked up the MMS hack, but it's not real clear to me as to it's benifits. Not sure if that would allow sending pix through text messages or not. At this point I can't seem to send a pic message to another phone. I get an error message instead.

    The data plan is going to be near worthless to me. I don't get broadband at home or my property up north. However, I do get it at work...then again I have a high speed connection at work anyway so what's the point.

    I've wrestled with Gmail, but still can't get it to push. It will check it though through the net.

    All in all I think it overly complicated. The Palm's blending of Windows leaves a little to be desired in my mind. for example, if you pay for tethering...shouldn't it come setup for tethering? I downloaded all the apps to get it to work (verizons connect software), couldn't, and ultimately used PDAnet to make it work flawlessly.

    This thing might go back for a simple 700p and skip the data plan all together.
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    OK. I'm out. I left for a SERO 755P and it's much better. It's easier to use and I get a way better signal in my neck of the woods with SPCS. Once you get past customer service it's a pretty sweet deal.
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