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    I know I am probably going to get redirected many times with this thread, but I have looked around, and I am kinda frustrated at this point. I got my wx last week, and BT works maybe one out of every 10 calls. I can't keep it connected, and as a strange little side effect (which if the BT works in the first place I can live with) is that if the phone is ringing, and BT is on, if I answer the call from the phone, it goes to the phone....even with BT on and in my ear. If I answer it with the BT, THEN the call goes to BT. Is there any fix, or alternative meathod for BT on the wx? I tried Hannip's, and it doesn't seem to change anything. I am using the same setup I had on my w with enormous success (Motorola H700, and HS850). I would love any advice on this, I know BT on wx has been a big issue, but I haven't seen much more than Hannip's.

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    I use the Discovery 640 and have not experienced the issues you are describing. It may disconnect every now and again, but for the most part its pretty stable.
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    I put the HS 850 back in the original packaging. I am going to see if Verizon will exchange it for a new model (I doubt it though....I don't have the original receipt) If they carry that one, maybe I will try it. I do like a boom mic on a BT, but I will do whatever I can for reliability!!
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    My headset works the same way. If I want to answer via BT, I need to press the button on the earpiece.

    I thought that is the way it is supposed to work on the wx.

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    I'm guessing it is the norm on the wx.....I guess it working differently on the w caught me by suprise...I guess the differences between the w and wx are greater than just the memory!! Oh well....if I can get a BT to remain connected, I can deal with the change!!
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    My Sprint 700wx will direct the call to my BT headset even if I answer the phone call via green/soft key as long as the headset is on and paired to the wx.

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