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    Trying to sync my windows contacts on my new Treo750 with my outlook contacts on my PC and it fails with the above support code.

    I also have goodlink installed

    Any ideas?
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    I found the Treo Knowledgebase article about this error and seem to have resolved the 85010014 problem.

    However I still fail to synch contacts with the following error:

    Cannot synch with the outlook profile you are using, beacuse a different profiule was previously setup or the profile is password protected.
    Pleas open Outlook using the appropriate profile

    Support code 8503001f
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    Googled it & found a solution -

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    THANX for the is what is in the link....

    if I want to delete the current partnership between the PC and the mobile devic I have to click "file"->"Delete Mobile Device" and don't worry, it will not delete the entries of the mobile device, although it says it. At least it didn't on my device. The next time you do a sync it will create a new partner ship and will ask you if the entries should be replaced or combined. All of my contacts are still there.

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