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    A few days ago, my 700wx started getting slow. After a soft reset, the next time I hit the start button, it will hold for about 15 seconds and then open up. That will be the last time it holds until I do another soft reset. I thought it might have been Weatherpanel acting up so I uninstalled it. No go. Still does it. Everything is slower now when I try to open it. My installed programs are:
    SPB Diary
    Google Maps
    Astraware Bejewled 2
    SPB Finance
    XCPU scalar
    Morts Mortscript
    Hannip A2dp
    SPB pocketplus
    Sprite backup
    TCPMP AAC plugin
    Handmark on demand (don't even know what this is)

    Don't know what's going on but any suggestions would help
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    I had similar slowliness (system frozen for at least a couple of minutes at either radio-on or off action) whenever the Wireless Manager is enabled/disabled.

    I used to load all my 3rd party apps to the SD, but I found that was the problem. I un-installed all the apps from the SD and re-installed them to the device, and the Wireless Manager now works exactly like it first came out from the store. You should try that and see if it makes any difference.

    SF, CA
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    same issue here. I have NO apps installed to SD card.

    Same apps I had installed on my 700w...did not have the issue with that.
    Treo 750, at&t wireless.
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    I noticed that on my phone lately too. slow response. was there an auto update on the phone or something?
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    Thanks for the suggestion but unfortunately I already have all my 3rd party apps stored directly to my phone. I was actually thinking that maybe all these apps are taking up to much space and slowing it down, so I was going to move them to my SD card.

    I don't know if there was an auto update. It didn't tell me if it did. I have taken Astraware, google maps, Weatherpanel off and my start button doesn't hold for as lomg now, but there is still a delay.
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    I think its the Handmark on Demand. When you installed that it installed the .net CF which bogs your machine down.
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    What is handmark and how do i get .net cf off my phone.

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