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    Hello group. I am looking for a RESET program to do a soft reset on my Treo 750. I used have something similar for my 650 but haven't been able to find anything for my WM5 device. Any recommendations out there? Much appreciated to those in the know.

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    Two suggestions:

    Barebones (I use this one): Wei's SoftReset

    Skinnable w/ other options (WinXP style): psShutXP

    Have fun!
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    Thanks guys...I ended up using the one from pocketgear. The PPCFreeware link didn't work if anyone else is following this thread.

    Thanks again.

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    Give pBar 1.2 a try, one of it's many features is a soft reset button
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    try XCPUScalar....I am using it for WM5 jASJAR
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    MemMaid and SKTools have an option to soft reset along with all the other stuff too...thank god though that they put the reset button somewhere other than under the battery cover!
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    Try Magic Button; works great for me
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    I use 2 free methods:

    1) Magic Button (one of my favorite apps)
    2) Mortscript with a single-line script ---> "reset"

    -- John C.

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