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    So I went out and got a 2GB micro SD for my new 750. Now the programs and possibilities are wide open to me. I understand you can install and run programs off your SD card but I'd like to know if theres any drawbacks to it? Would those programs run faster if they were on the internal memory, or does it make no difference?

    Additionally, sometimes having to stop all my programs just to run another one is REALLY annoying. Is there any third party software or a way I can use my enormous unused SD card for some virtual memory space?
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    From what I understand (which is little), you don't have to manually stop programs just to run others- the treo will manage and close unused programs to free up memory for other programs?
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    With Windows Mobile 5, there really is no discernible difference in speed now that apps in memory are loaded off of ROM instead of RAM. There was a greater advantage to loading applications from RAM in older versions of Windows Mobile since RAM is accessed faster than ROM is. There may be speed difference regarding the above, but its not going to make or break how a certain app performs (unless you're talking about today screen plugins which should be installed into rom since the SD card may not be available at the time the plugin loads.)

    However, keep in mind that ROM and your SD card is like your PC's hard drive. Once you choose to load and application, it is in RAM. Aslmentor, is correct the WM will manage the apps for you and clear space as needed but we all know a little proactive choice is good for performance (ie. using a 3rd party task manager or the built-in task closer).
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    Is there an app for WM like Power Run for Palm OS,which I understood made the device believe the app was running from the internal memory?
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