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    I've been looking for a conversion program (length, height, weight, etc...)
    I guess if it built into a calculator it would be even better.
    If its free it would be even better!

    Also, I do not like the built in camera (picture taker) for the 700wx. Any suggestions on possible replacement?

    I've looked all over but couldn't find any.
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    There are hundreds of freeware calculator programs for ppc that will perform a myriad of functions. Checkout/google any of the ppc - freeware type websites.

    As to the want to trade out the hardware? Not possible. If you want some better software there are lots of programs available, like Resco Photo Viewer. Personally I wouldn't bother. The 1 mega pixel camera isn't worth using unless you forget a real camera and have to have that pic.

    If you're looking for recs on digital cameras, go with Nikon or Cannon.
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