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    can i play what i record in my phone on my pc? i've tried playing ones i have store on my memory card but it couldnt play?
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    Try VLC or Media Player Classic.

    They both usually work for anything.

    You may need to download some codecs. Search for K-Lite Codec Pack. It's got a plethora of them.
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    so i just search for k-lite in this forum
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    No. Google.

    Here's a link.

    It should ask you during setup what codecs you want to install. Choose expert and check all the boxes that you think you could possibly ever need(all of them?) and it should also ask if you want to put a shortcut to Media Player Classic on your desktop. You should do that.(This is all coming from memory, but it shouldn't be too different.)

    You should be set to play just about anything.

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