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    Has anyone else had trouble taking pictures on a Treo 700wx in anything but pure sunlight or VERY bright indoor(fluorescent) light?
    I've changed every setting possible trying to make it where it will at least make a recognizable picture consistently indoors. Nothing.
    It will take a picture of my monitor, or if I point it at a light bulb, but anything else is very dim and often has a black halo surrounding a tiny dim area in the center.

    Look at these and tell me if you think the camera is defective.
    Also, can anyone post pics taken with their Treo 700wx?

    There are LOTS of pictures, so it might take awhile to load depending on your connection. I've tried to put a variety, but it's hard to get anything except bad.

    Shot of my desktop when the rest of the room was dark.

    Projector Screen when the rest of the room was dark. 1700 Lumens

    My nephew, when there weren't any lights on upstairs. There are plenty of windows, though, which should have provided more than enough light.

    Cat through glass of back door.

    From inside work, with lots of ceiling lights. Not too shabby.

    My nephew again, with outside light on all sides.

    Looking at the light. (I've had the same fan for a long time. The stickers are from 1st or 2nd grade. If you don't like them, deal with it.)

    Shot of keyboard in class, with PLENTY of light. See the halo?

    Outside in the bright sunlight.

    My wall.

    2nd lamp beside blank screen.

    Other side of screen. I've changed no lighting from the previous picture.

    Door beside the screen.

    Bottom of door and burgundy carpet.

    Door with bright desk lamp shining directly on it.


    SD Card, with bright desk lamp lighting(along with regular room light).

    Facing the screen.

    Facing the floor.
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    My camera seems to take good, low-light pics. Maybe adjust your brightness setting? All of my camera settings are default except for my quality which is maxed and my resolution which is maxed.
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    That was the first thing I did. Anyway you could post some pictures?
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    Here's a good shot of the black halo.
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    Actually think yours takes better than mine In all honesty, the phone takes pretty crappy pictures, but yours seem worse than mine
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    Just FYI... on my new 700wx I found the Brightness set at +1 right out-of-the-box. Although, my res was already at max. My initial test pics looked overexposed and washed out. I just set Brightness back to 0 and I'm hoping that helps. Haven't tested yet.

    Oh.. also my "quality" was set at medium. I increased that to the Highest.


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