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    On the 700w there was a tone when you hooked up and unplugged the charging cable. The 700wx does not seem to have that. I like that feature because the usb/charge cable sometimed takes a bit to get a solid connection, and I always used the tone to tell me it was plugged in. Is there way of activating it on the wx? I may be missing the obvious, but I can't find it (the feature to keep the screen on when on a charger does not seem to work either).

    Thanks guys!!
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    My Sprint 700wx beeps everytime I plug/unplug the charging cable.
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    This wx is quite different than the w in some aspects. When I have the mute switch on, the w would vibrate in place of any tones/alerts/rings. I am not sure about the rings, but there are no vibrations for the alerts or tones.
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    you can add a notification using task managers v2.7 or memmaid.
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    Treo 750 hacks thread.
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    I may do that, but this is stuff my w did out of the box, and I just thought the wx should as well (maybe I am wrong....who knows). The wx is doing something else flukey though...everytime I go to turn the phone radio on or off, the Treo freezes resulting in a soft reset.
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    My 700WX chimes when plugged in unless the sound switch is off in which case it vibrates. Out of the box.
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    I disabled the vibrate feature for plugging in but it works when I have it turned on.
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    On my Sprint 700wx, it does the following out of the box when you plug/unplug the charging cable:

    - When the switch is set to no sounds, it vibrates.
    - When the switch is set to sounds it chimes.
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    VZW 700wx here, beeps or vibrates when I plug or unplug power...

    Maybe your unit is hosed?
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    I figured it out...there is another post in this forum with tweaks for a 700w/wx, and one is replacing the bat icon with a volume one. To utilize this one correctly, you go into the registry and change the volo (volume I guess) setting to manual....this is what is doing it. I changed it back to automatic, and I have all my chirps, alerts, and vibrations!!!

    Oh well....guess I can't have EVERYTHING I want!!!! LOL
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    Cool. Since you resolved your own issue, I can steal the thread and ask, where is the thread regarding changing the battery icon with the volume icon? Mine has changed from battery to volume, but I want it back to normal. I can put the battery icon back if I create a shortcut to \windows\batteryindicator.exe in the \windows\startup. I rather not do this, because I don't want to have another app loading in memory taking unnecessary program space.
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    I think all you have to do is delete the file \Windows\BatteryIndicator.exe.

    The thread is here.
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    Hannip is correct (like there was doubt LOL) I didn't get back on a computer untill now, sorry.....That post is great though, I am using most of the suggestions on my Treo!!

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