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    Has anyone else seen this? Ever since I got my Treo a few months ago I've used it to push mail my Exchange mail and pocket MSN to poll my Hotmail. Well last week I quit my job (long story, basically owner lied to me one to many times) and when I left I left my Exchange address behind. I decided to setup a hosted Exchange box with (the old address was there too) and forward my MSN mail to this new address. Ever since I quit using Pocket Hotmail I think my battery life has doubled (or more).

    It used to be with Exchange & Hotmail getting synced it'd have maybe 8-9 hours of regular use before my battery would be barking at me that it was about to die... so I could constantly try and have it on the charger where ever I was.

    Since I did a hard reset and switched addressing, I went the whole day yesterday with just push mail, not charging, and was hardly below 70%.

    I'm confused as to why, it would seem that having push mail connected to the Internet all the time and polling the server would take far more resources then Hotmail running and checking once a minute.
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    push email is better because it onlys syncs and checks your inbox when something arrives.

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